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In this video, Huge Bitcoin and Crypto News; Massive Institutional On-Ramps Built for Billions of Dollars to Buy Bitcoin. What is the Reason Why Ethereum …



  1. I could actually say Bitcoin is the best investment currently cause of it high rate in the stock market

  2. Classic going to $200 Easy … will take a week or So …. there is lot of bears 🐻 buying and buying

  3. Check out GoBucks! First anti whale and rug pull. Max buy and sell 500b. Only couple days old. Would love your opinion.

  4. Funny and sad to see the most successful coins of the year are useles crap driven by armies of idiots.

  5. CRYPTO should be transparent and it isn't as easy as possible people thought it is , there are many strategies to be learnt and unfolded about crypto trading

  6. thanks I bought doge coin at 23 have traded ada and etheraum witht he profit still hols over 1000 coins I was thinking on buying more but now no will HODL what I have

  7. China buys property in Aus afaik.
    In Ger everything what belongs to property is hilarious overpriced.

  8. Turned $300 in Dogecoin when it was worth 3 cents. Now 4 months later it is worth approx. $17,000. Thanks to Elon's jokes and your Youtube. 😉

  9. BTC/ETH is the future of crypto and the questions most traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest? Before jumping into conclusion I think you should look at things first

  10. YouTubers need to be careful of thumbnails clickbaiting impossible gains (based on market caps) as well, I have started instant unsubbing when I see it lol.

  11. If we get to 25 trillion with Doge, youll need to eat a banana (with the skin stuff still on it)

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