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  1. Nice video!!! Very engaging from the beginning to end.nevertheless business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which part you came from..

  2. Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling😁 at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that

  3. A few years from now, you'll regret the

    chances you fail to take on cryptocurrency today. We are sitting on a goldmine.

  4. hey, been in crypto for a while now and I think that nano is the future of crypto, could pls give me your view on this crypto. you won't regret is!!!

  5. You know we know you’re a paid shill right? Nothing changed. We’re right back to where we started. You’re a shill.

  6. Its not "down". Since the 30k dump is been above that point and just trading sideways in the 35 to 40k range. Get boring and get buying…

  7. Still have my buy Limit for ADA at $1.2 and 1.0, zzz idk if it'll hit, i got some at the dip already. Wish I could get more

  8. Just a quick note is that I have heard that people who are new to a youtube channel through a recommendation don't like being told to like/subscribe (or are sorta turned off by it) before knowing the actual content so it's best to emphasise at the end that "if you enjoyed the content and want to see more" sort of thing

  9. People aren't selling out of fear. They're taking profits before they go into the red any more in the short term.

  10. We will be back up by christmas, every man and his dog are buying crypto now, the market has become saturated, too many options which means theres too much bread at the moment and not enough jam! Medium term we will hit 3 trillion and long term skys the limit…

  11. Fear and greed is 10 right now but I think it's based on yesterday. Green so far tonight last couple hours. Will see how rest of Sunday goes but could be an example of using fear and greed for 15 or less not being good enough. Gotta use your instincts too. Best buy opportunity may have passed cuz yesterday dear and greed was 18


  13. bullshit, all youve said the last 2 months is click bait nonsense telling everyone certain coins are about to skyrocket.

  14. doing some swing trading since last week – $MATIC and making some gains to help buy the dips for ALT COINS. 😀 it still up to the person on how he/she will deal with this boring period.

  15. Hey guys, I recommend looking into ZooToken, the meme crypto utility solution. The hub for "Animal Coins", an ecosystem that will come across 4 main pillars: ZooPrediction, ZooPad, ZooIndex and ZooNFT

  16. Hey Jason what are your thoughts on moving to traditional stock markets until crypto hits bottom of bear market

  17. I think it’s going to be a hard slog back up as there will be a large number of new people that had the shit scared out of them with the dump and will be looking to cash out at break even or even a smaller loss just to get out of the market or wind down their overcommitted positions.

  18. Hey Jason, do you have any video tutorials or plan on making any on technical analysis? Would love to know how.

  19. I don’t joke with my investment and I don’t think anyone does either so there’s no way I’ll let

    someone who’s not a certified broker handle my trades

  20. I am a buyer at this level 30 33. 28. 27. Hold Not 50 or $55,000 ether I am buying 2,200 1,900 1,800 Hold

  21. The crypto market was an experiment from the banks to see what types of Coins people can come up with so they can develop their own digital currency 👀

  22. Mental speculation will not bring you profits in crypto market. You need a sharp update on the Cryptocurrency Market. Interested Dm MaeurKel on any social media

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