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Cryptocurrency and video game assets? There is indeed an intersection, the emerging esports industry is growing rapidly. Cryptocurrency offers a solution to …



  1. So is it possible to have a multiplayer game. Where players buy tokens with real money and play against random opponents. Either winning or losing their tokens. Can those earned tokens then be cashed out to convert it back to real money that goes back to the players bank account?

  2. Well, no clue as to game but as to brands in general, they nowadays can benefit from such thing as tokens a lot.
    Customers start feeling greatly appreciated as they start getting cash-like rewards that can be easily converted into other products, services or cash. This will make them more willing to promote or refer the brand to their friends and family – especially that they can benefit from it.Tokens can also help build a community around the brand which is essential in today’s world.
    There is, and these guys are giving such a chance to businesses to go ahead of others. I’ve been in touch with them recently, so I can assure you this is definitely something to get acquainted with. Just see for yourself 🙂

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  4. Geonode, so like getting XP for visiting a specific location..that's huge..I don't know how many locations exists on Earth, but I would say it's quite a few…..

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  8. Great, cryptocurrency really needs to find a usage platform for its real value, in stead of the current speculative trading, speculative trading doesn't create values.

  9. this game has become so crazy: at first you fork other's code and change the name of parameters then you can raise tons of money, then you don't need to even know wtf the code is, all you need is a beautiful landing page

  10. It seems to me that the blockchain aspects of these currencies are just cashing in on the hype with investors and gamers. It's not really practical to decentralize games, and half-decentralized games don't provide real benefits to the user. They just increase the complexity and overhead of implementing them, compared to secure servers (distributed or not.) Allowing users to transfer virtual goods and transfer currencies between games have real benefits to the user, but there's nothing about those features that require blockchain. A fully-decentralized game with user hosted servers (to avoid dependence on the developer/publisher) wouldn't be secure. A secure fully-decentralized game (with meaningful complexity) using smart contracts wouldn't be practical. All that said, if the blockchain hype allows developers to raise investment and acquire users who are enthusiastic about blockchain, I suppose that provides real value. That is the only real value, though, and it's based on perception, not reality. Without the hype factor, a much better course would be to embrace the "old-fashioned" secure server model, and instead, focus on the features that provide value to users.

    Also, people are confusing the technology implementation of features with the business model of the company who implements this infrastructure. With a secure server implementation, the actual transaction cost is virtually nil. When companies have a transaction cost as part of their business model, that's a business decision, not a consequence of the underlying technology.

  11. As far as codebase goes ive been looking at cardano and a coin called Aeternity. These two coins have the best code bases ice seen in the crypto space by far.

  12. Hey Siraj I'm really enjoying your videos explaining cryptocurrencies! Could you do a video on Radix? It aims to provide instant payments like a DAG, but it can also run smart contracts because it has a new system that ensures transaction order called 'Tempo'. Would be great if you could explain it. Keep up the good work!

  13. Your video is pretty good. A bit oversimplified at times, but that's not really a problem. It's sad though that your audience is mostly retarded judging by this early comments.

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  15. sounds good doesn't work. I belive that it would not be so globally and massive. Or again they pay you to make that video :)) Sorry if I am wrong :)) anyway good job 😛

  16. crypto itself is a game token… so crypto on game assets is game token piggybacking game token…. lol

  17. The first time I saw your video, I can't take my eyes off it and still I can't. Thank you Siraj for all the things you have done for us

  18. Will you be covering in the educational series? Ether is too slow and expensive to be usable for most use cases, except simple smart contracts. like interval payouts.

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