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Crypto News: Chainlink crypto fighting climate change?

Crypto and Bitcoin news Headlines: Apple, inc. sourcing crypto talent in a job posting. Paypal and one other big financial company are going to begin allowing …



  1. Still, bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that I believe in 100%. And I always will hold it in my ownr wallet.

  2. Exodus! I need support bc you don’t allow me to buy Bitcoin and it has been almost 2 days sent I email requesting assistance. If I don’t get a respond soon I will change wallet. You have stopped me from buying the dips! Really disappointed! You need to work on your support for your customers.

  3. Chainlink can handle front running now so we don’t need the SEC just need the market to adapt and the technology will pull through. No one will use it if they are always losing kneuc

  4. SEC has an interest in keeping crypto out of retail investors hands. My assumption is that the federal government is at least one of the whales manipulating the market at this time. Side note: Together as a group we can police ourselves

  5. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

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