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  1. the best cryptocurrency of the future is krypton from the utopia ecosystem, because no one will be able to track it, since it is decentralized

  2. There are people making millions in this field, banks trade the market constantly and generate revenues but it requires good set of skills. You need to be disciplined and have a plan, still to the plan. Risk management is important, no matter how sure your next trade will be a killer trade you should never bet more than 70-80% of your account in one trade. 50-60% is quite helpful..

  3. Author, the best thing you can do is to invest in FBC13 fund and dont worry about rates

  4. Great video The distance between where we are now and where we are headed is time. Last week, bitcoin was down and this week, we are seeing a positive move in its favor. Bitcoin wasn't really my thing till I got first hand experience on how it works and can be useful in major online purchases. I was opportune to be under the guidance of a tradlng agent called Jose Amaury who taught me the basics of Bitcoin, how it can as well be traded properly, and how signaIs can be used in carrying out trades with less efforts. I was able to trade my balance from 0.54 Btc to 2.5 Btc under 2 weeks, and I would recommend Jose Amaury to anyone interested in learning how to trade CRYPT0. He can be reached on te.I*grm (Jose_trade) for signals

  5. Having a backup plan is very important for every individual in this 21st Century. With the rise and fall in the economy one should have the idea of investing in crypto currencies.

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