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After a break below $53000, bitcoin continued its decline. BTC broke through support levels of $52500 and $51200 to move further into bearish territory.



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  5. How much noise there was recently in the media due to sharp jumps in the bitcoin price market. Now the price seems to have settled. But nevertheless, comparatively, when compared with other financial instruments, the volatility is quite high.

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  8. The psychological background on the cryptomarket is pessimistic after a tough

    adjustments to the bitcoin rate within a couple of weeks, however, it begins

    gradually level out.

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    I believe that the future belongs to cryptocurrency and it's time to start investing in it now!!!

  10. Significant that Bitcoin and Litecoin deposited into the Grayscale Trust (by Grayscale) can’t be withdrawn. (to comply with regulations) 👀

    Though the shares (LTCN) and (GBTC) can be bought and sold, the fact that the actual Bitcoin and Litecoin can’t be withdrawn is very very bullish indeed.

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  13. Most likely, going below $ 50 thousand is not just a correction, it will be the beginning of a decline in the asset, which should have begun long ago. It is possible as a gradual decline in the value of bitcoin, and a sharp drop..

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