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Cryptos UP on a down market day? RECORDED EARLIER TODAY – TRON, BYTOM, WEPOWER, KIN news?

Looking for the bright spots today on a mostly red sea. Do these coins with higher volumes that are UP or flat on a down day show relative strength? **Learn to …



  1. Panic?? Lol the entire crypto market is collapsing. Btc heading to $4k like I’ve said before. And then will crash to $2k. It’s never coming back up. And will drag all the alt coins with it. Sorry y’all but you’ve been warned numerous times.

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  3. yes this is the time to be excited to invest at great prices[if you believe in the crypto future]. I dont know why people say ohh its sad times its the opposite.

  4. Question Re: Binance coin. Is there a risk that the price may hit a ceiling as its utility will no longer be feasible if the price is too high when pairing against other alts?

    Might be good to emphasise how big the Kin – Unity3D parthership is. Unity is a deverloper engine which developers user to build 50% of mobile games currently in market. Unity reaches 6 Billion unique devices. Depending on which games integrate Kin, it cannot get much bigger than this.

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