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Daily Crypto News: Amazon Blockchain, Telegram vs. Russia, Bitcoin Holds, Huawei Platform

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  1. I don't comment usually, but you said you love them so I will ask a question in this comment. I am very new to crypto. The problem I have the most right now is trying to find out what wallet holds what coins or tokens. I keep track of the coins and tokens that you are bullish on. Could you please do a segment on wallets for these coins and tokens? I believe you could say that any ERC20 token can be stored on a Trezor or Ledger via MEW; I just don't know if "any" is true or not. XRP only Ledger, but what about ADA or XLM? OH, MITH or WAX :-))
    If you have already done a segment on wallets, will you please point me in that direction! Thanks for all your work!!!!!

  2. ASIC Miner Farm expanding rapidly, thank you for keeping us and our partners informed with the latest news. We took some profits on the XVG build up and watched as it plummetted Looking forward to seeing how the New partnership will go. Should be a whole lot of advertising I mean imagine how much it would cost a company to have a full add on the main page of PH….

  3. But it makes no sense that 18 years before bitcoin was created, the logo appears in a video game. So it's either just a coincidence and the word "bed" was meant. Or one of the early squaresoft developers is nakamoto

  4. Hey Elio! I've been watching regularly for a couple weeks now… love hearing your ideas, research, and viewpoints… you put out the highest quality content in crypto-land. Thanks and keep up the great work! Viewing from Bay Area, CA.

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