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Decentraland Gameplay: New Play to Earn Games $100/WEEK

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This is a decentraland gameplay video focusing around the most important play to earn / p2e crypto games that are currently available in decentraland 2022. I also explore the metaverse fashion week that were hosted by decentraland and went to different place to claim free nfts wearables that can be sold to make mana which can be converted to money. I explain a bit of play 2 earn games such as wondermine, ICE poker, golfcart, and parkour to earn. But I did not go very deep in it, just a basic explanation. Watch my next few videos where I’ll show you how u can actually make money in decentraland.



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⚠ Disclaimer: Everything in this video is solely my opinion for entertainment and definitely not financial advice. Always do your own research before making any investments. I do not own the project nor get sponsored by anyone in the video unless I mention it at the start. So, it helps a lot if you like this video at the end if you find it helpful.


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How to Enter – 0:00
Basic shortcuts – 1:10
NFT skins showcase – 2:05
Unique buildings – 3:05
Metatokyo – 4:06
Rarible st – 5:05
Play to Earn (Wondermine) – 6:05
Parkour 2 Earn – 7:44
Poker to earn – 9:11
GolfCraft – 10:19
Conclusion – 12:50



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