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Dino Sandbox – Dinosaur Simulator Games – Android Gameplay

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Dino Sandbox – Dinosaur Simulator Games by PuzArt

Dino Sandbox – Free & Offline for Android & iOS

🦕Dino Sandbox is a dinosaur battle simulation game, let’s move your dino to fight against other dinosaurs in this battle royale game with simple controls now!

🦖Imagine yourself as a dinosaur born in a world like Jurassic Park. In order to survive, you need to constantly evolve and improve attributes, such as attack and defense. So you need to get more “gene points🧬” by completing missions. Only in this way can you ensure that you have enough ability to defeat the opponent when faced with more powerful dinosaurs than you.

🔥Game Features:
1. Free to play this dinosaur game
2. Rich dinosaur species: Raptor, Therizinosaurus, T-rex, Spinosaurus, etc.
3. 4 basic attributes: health,hunger,energy,thirst.
4. 5 action skills need to be constantly upgraded and evolved.

This is a world where the strong eat the weak, and whether you die or survive depends on whether you are strong enough!




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