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Doge Token DOGET ✅ How to Buy Doge Token Coin Crypto

In this video you will learn about Doge Token DOGET & How to Buy Doge Token Coin Crypto! Bybit maximum rewards a new user can claim : $2610 + 15% …



  1. Same here. as i saw pumping and dumping of doge token i search for tutorial to but this information is not athenticated i am not sure about it and dont want to waste 5 xlm to some one unkown whom i have no clue . they want xlm before opening the account what the hell why not they give free account stellar lumans. this is so sad. i will look for another video and will upload the link here in my comment if i find. i cant trust a site without having complete athentication. but people must bhe buying and selling as the coin is pumping and dumping.

  2. fake prices look at coinmarketcap the price is 0.000002 and on the stellar side it is sold for 0.002 / 3 !!!!

  3. Let’s do some math…If I have 78,071 tokens valued at $0.01223….How is my balance at $794….Where’s my additional $160+ dollars? Are they robbing us?

    $0.01223 * 78,071 = $954.80

  4. Too difficult to understand. Tutorial is terrible. Going to look for another channel to get proper information. Tutorial person needs to be born in the USA. Period. Once I get how it how this works, I will have the ability to post a tutorial in proper USA English.

  5. I've bought and sold doget and transfer it back to coinbase.this is the next best investment imo and very great platform stellar term is

  6. Like the @UC3ViHsCYBGXjGys3hVLj2wQ said, we CANNOT use binance in the US, what else can we use to buy Doge Token?

  7. People are pumping and dumping like crazy on this token, same with all new altcoins, very hard to predict it`s future due to the abuse of desperate full time traders trying to become millionaires overnight.
    Elon Token is for sure the next big thing!!!

  8. Thanks for the video, some new to crypto could probably use a little more instruction on the transfer process just a thought. Will be sharing with the Doget community!

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