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(EGLD) ELROND PRICE PREDICTION | ELROND PRICE EXPLODING 2021 Is the elrond price overhyped? Can the price for elrond reach higher levels in …



  1. Are you all in for ELROND in 2021?

    Also be aware of the scammers in the comment section, they will usually use my logo and want crypto, stay safe

  2. One of the best videos. I sold 1/2 my bag for $VRA. the digital advertising, Esport, video game, NFT. it got US patent. 25.55% APY staking. $VRA will be massive. The next of Theta for sure.$$$$

  3. Easy to put crypto into a platform. Getting it out is much harder ! Keep 100% control and earn passively with us.whatsapp me +17325274529 for info

  4. I really like the team from elrond. I believe they are working extremely hard to deliver on their goals. Exactly what I like to see in an investment, stake for as long as possible!

  5. Didn’t really looked into elrond.. i regret it so much when i found out what elrond was! Sold most of my altcoin bags and bought as much egld as I could. Staking it for as long possible.

  6. $7000 Elrond would make me over 1 million . I’m not sure it could go from $6 to $7000 in one year , maybe $1500 is possible . I’m thinking within 5 years it could possibly hit $7000

  7. 7000 usd i think is too much. Im happy even if it only goes to 1000 usd. But who knows you might be right. I can buy a lambo if it gets to 7000 haha

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