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Elrond (EGLD) 2021 Price Prediction

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  1. Elrond is like supercharged Ethereum combined with scarcity of Bitcoin. Elrond does smart contracts lot faster than any other blockchain out there.

  2. So say EGLD gets to $500 end of the year, what do you think the bear market will bring price wise?

  3. If you check the tokenomics and maiar wallet , exchange and launchpad you can easily see who the winner is. Egld is a Game changer

  4. If only there was a smart contract platform that was able to amplify tps with side chains up to millions of tps…

  5. Kattana coin get it now before Mairi goes live. Watch out for katana scam it must have to tt s in katana. The price is 18 usd

  6. Elrond beat Zil from the start lmao. Zil has nothing on egld. Kinda funny comparing them. They aren't in competition with anyone lol they're just trying to grow

  7. ZIL has nothing on EGLD. EGLD It's on a whole nother level… They aren't trying to use sharding technology they are using it… Their tech is better than anything else out there… And their fees are next to nothing. EGLD will be a top three coin maybe higher.

  8. I think this price prediction is waaaayyy too low .

    It’s only going to 2.5 x with that market cap and fundamentals in the mother of all bull runs??

  9. Man, comparing Zilliqa with ELROND is like comparing an orange with an orange tree. ELROND (eGLD) is a true game changer, whose objectives are so much more ambitious than the transactions per second thing.

  10. Agree with most comments here that Elrond is far beyond Zil, with both tech and vision. Another thing is that you say they are “trying” but Elrond is already live for simple transactions and esdts. Once defi is live it will be top 10

  11. Egld is a great project but price growth is disappointing despite update after update. Don't listen to fanbois saying it will 10x this year etc, EGLD is a long term hold.

  12. Why $500? How come nobody makes an explination about price moves. For example… to reach $500 buyers should purchase about xxx egolds? Or something that might make some light in this 4x growth mistery?!… just saying..

  13. Are you actually comparing Elrond to Zil? Technologically Elrond is light years away… ahead of Zil

  14. $500??!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bro look more into the project for elrond. More like $3k-$10k

  15. Elrond has a focus on the user experience and easy user onboarding and simplicity. This is the biggest reason its superior

  16. Hey Crypto Explained! I love a fellow crypto enthusiast , keep up the great work, you have a new subscriber with us! 🙂

  17. I have both Zil and Elrond. But for me, I think Elrond has more potential for the future. Elrond seems to stress/focus more on user experience. And with that in mind, it can encourage mass adoption to the next level. That is exactly what amazon did 🙂

  18. Comparing Elrond to Zillqa is like comparing target to Walmart. Elrond did 260,000 transactions per second and that was on their test net. Also, on their maiar app, you get on average 15% APY yearly for staking. Elrond also has the supply of Bitcoin. Elrond is coming out with their own governance toekn called MEX which helps with, I think, inflation. Elrond is actually better than Etherium and Cardano in my opinion but you can’t compare zilliqa to Elrond. Elrond is by far the most superior project as far as technology goes. I’m not being biased either because I hold Cardano. Not a lot but some. Not financial advice

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