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Elrond eGLD is exploding in 2021! (will it be a top 10 crypto?) // Beniamin Mincu Interview

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  1. That's so true I didnt got into crypto because I'm lazy. But egld make your experience so easy that finally I got into crypto.

  2. Can't believe I missed it in its early stages… But its still early when you think about 4 to 5 years ahead probably.

  3. I begin to have the feeling, that the area of Croatia, Romania, Hungary is the place next to Germany, where Genius are born. Thanks for all your words, Beniamin.

  4. One of the best videos. I sold 1/2 my bag for $VRA. the digital advertising, Esport, video game, NFT. it got US patent. 25.55% APY staking. $VRA will be massive. The next of Theta for sure….!$¥€€¥$$$$¥€

  5. Hi! Thank you for your videos! I have some EGLD staked on the Elrond wallet, which is the advantage to stake instead on the Maiar pools? If I understand well on the desktop wallet I continue to get 15-16% of rewards, don't I? Thanks!

  6. I feel that you only scratched the surface of what Elrond has to offer. I thought that you could go deeper with Mincu on staking protocols in place in EGLD. I heard that they will offer a new coin/token that will be used in the new exchange protocol.
    I do not know the development part of crypto/blockchain but I am curious about it after this interview. I thought that I lost the train, but I fell now that the world has just opened.

    Q1: Does Elrond have smart contracts? And do we need smart contracts to see more adoption and interesting apps build on top of it?
    Q2: How come the Elrond is not used like Ethereum for the wide spread of apps?

    Thank you guys and keep up the work that yiu are doing!!! Love the YouTube show and EGLD team!

  7. many scared investors in cardano eth dot..spreading egld fud. i even saw a few videos saying big whales hold egld..those were exchanges. im not sure if some youtubers are being paid to spread fud, but i know lots of people are scared of what egld can do!

  8. He got me at "from dial-up to broadband" … when i first heard about elrond network, and right after i bought lots of ERD's 😀

  9. Truly well done interview. Been in since ERD, running nodes, luv’n the team‘s energy. If you do any level of crypto, transactions in EGLD are a dream!

  10. Always a plesure to listen Beniamin Mincu. The best team and the best project in whole crypto space. Wish you the best ! 🙌

  11. Really enjoying these more in depth talks with the tech people. Thanks for the effort and great content man.

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