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Elrond (EGLD) price prediction April 2021 – $1,000 per coin is guaranteed, $2,000 is likely

Elrond EGLD Price Prediction for April 2021. Elrond (EGold) is a fantastic coin and $1000 per coin is virtually guaranteed. In this video I give a full elrond price …



  1. I wonder if today is too late to get on board. I am looking for a place to park my gains from LINK and VET this week. Was going to buy more ENJ, but this coin looks interesting. Too late to buy?

  2. Disclaimer. My comments might not be a general representation of comments posted on this feed.
    For the purpose of qualifying my post can I clear up the distinct differences between 'StupidNoob' & 'NormalNoob'.
    In order for this space to advance we need adoption so a big welcome goes out to NormalNoob. Goes without saying about the other set of d**k***ds.
    Before I launch into my rant can I start by saying I can understand why a large majority of YouTube influencers have to go
    'Shilltacular' with whatever project they are presenting. Most out there have to make a living. That said… here goes:
    VERY BIG Apologies in advance for my deep concern with 'StupidNoobs' and their ridiculous Nostradamus'esq predictions.
    Nine long years in this space and nothing changes in regards to StupidNoob stupiditous. " Mark my words it'll be 10K in five years"! Jeeeez please be quiet! Can you hear yourself or have you no shame? How have you arrived at such arbitrary amounts!!!! Actually any amount?
    What experience and knowledge do you actually apply that allows you to be so self assured in your chart analysis?
    Second thoughts please don't answer that…there isn't a credible answer in existence. I am an Egld whale…I love this project for many reasons the main one being its fundamentals and secondly its fantastic team. The third is the financial aspect but do you honestly think I knew where this was going in terms of where it would get to when I reviewed the whitepaper three weeks from Binance launchpad release…Answers on a paper – NO YOU DID NOT!!!  CORRECT.
    So why are you doing the opposite?? I have many very knowledgeable people in this space I speak to and now call friends….but way back when most of you  didn't know this revolution existed, long before you started wearing crypto nappies (couple of months ago) do you think I had some visitation from above advising me to sell my house for Bitcoin?
    No No and NO!!! Yes I was excited in the same way you feel now. Simply put, if I had known, I would have definitely sold my home to finance buying btc and bought a skip full. The honest scenario was we bought what we were able to loose and then set about spending years in educating myself in every aspect of this space. Many MANY years later good bad indifferent and some scary times along with so many projects too many to list here I found my beloved (erd) Egld.
    What I did know at that time was provided team Elrond lived up to their promises in delivering tech on time…plus a perfect following wind, this project was more than worth investing in. And yes…I bought a lot which speaks volumes as to my confidence in team Elrond.
    The rest is history but we only know that because of the purest definition of that word. What we don't know is what tomorrow will bring let alone five f****ooookin years hence. Brilliant project…fact!  But beware..anything anytime can throw heaps of the proverbial at the crypto fan.
    StupidNoobs please stop embarrassing yourself and damaging this fabulous project. You will set unreal expectations for the normal noobs & we always need them.
    GET REAL or GET F******D – you're missing your favourite episodes of Jeremy Kyle.
    Yes I'm ever so slightly annoyed!

  3. I subscribed to buymycrypto. The transparency and honesty was enough for me. Hard to buy some of these in my state but anything on KuCoin is getting bought up haha

  4. Egld is a great ticker, you are 100% right. I did that analysis myself and that is why I bought.

  5. Been bullish on EGLD since Feb. Had some awful AWFUL dumps in price but it seems to have stabilised now. Its a scarce asset so everybody should have a bag of Elrond

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    stay safe….

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  8. It's the Lord of the Rings naming of everything that hooked me into Elrond
    Also the transactions per second is far better than you mentioned I think, I believe it's that number you said but PER shard 😁

  9. What’s your opinion on this super cycle idea that seems unlikely but anything can happen in crypto.

  10. Elrond is your next Bitcoin. Elrond is actually Bitcoin on steroids. Since Elrond has the same coin supply as Bitcoin, you can expect Elrond to be where Bitcoin is today in about 8 to 10 years. Not financial advice.

  11. Appreciate the video. I know maybe its nt the right place but what is ur thought about verasity vra? Thanks.

  12. I have both Ethereum and Elrond (more ethereum). I am considering converting some of my Etherium to Elrond, but it's a difficumt decision to make. There's a possibility that etherium could stall as an investment while more technologically advanced cryptos elbow it out. Solana is another rival that has made recent gains.

  13. Great video. Been waiting on Elrond to increase for a long time so definitely happy to see this video 🙂

  14. You weren't wrong about XRP lol, it's still got ass fundamentals regardless of it pumping. Will never be big

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