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Etherlite, and Open Alexa Protocol Ponzi Scam Warning! | Daily Crypto Update, April 30th

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  1. I join open Alexa Blockchain with 0.1 Ethereum.. and Get 10 OAP ..
    But from before i have 80 OAP In My Wallet.. So total my OAP is 90..
    But is it possible that All off My 90 OAP will be Swap.. for ETHERLITE..
    Please Reply me ?

  2. U no different than the government bro, u wanna keep people poor, etherlite is not a scam and can never, unfortunately I don't have time to listen to all ur video cs u wrong by ur topic already

  3. So i fell for this scam but when i go to convert my oap back to eth its valued the same so do you think its safe to hold the oap until july 1s to see if the drop of etherlite is a rug pull then convert my oap back to eth for what i bought in ? Please give me your opinion ty ty

  4. xetl must be a scam, they came up with ELI back in 2017 with the same website. You can check the contract number is the same in Etherlite scanner and Etherium scanner – 0x3a43195391ddc94e153416de39ee046af90919c3

  5. Get your information correct and then speak so then you wont look like a dunce. Join the webinar and I'm sure you would regret not having joined or gained some OAPs yourself. ???

  6. Ok so Mr. Blockthrasher, first of all you are yourself completely misinformed moreover you are spreading misinformation. This clearly shows your jealousy that you couldn't invest in etherlites neither you would have been able to build your network in Openalexa. I'll just get straight to the point, out of the 9000 cryptos listed, has any crypto been launched on burj Khalifa?? We saw it live okay. 100's of newspaper publications i can send you just go through them first. Moreover etherlite is through the hard fork of ethereum, we are easily able to transfer our x etl in our wallets.okay. Daily HODL which most ppl follow also publicized about etherlites. The Game is promoting etherlites. Many big CRYPTO you- tubers , instagram influencers with millions of followers are promoting etherlites! Do you think they are stupid? And you with just 83 subscribers claims himself to be the most intellectual person! Guys do your own due diligence, and dont get scammed by Mr. Blockthrasher.

  7. Super shady. It's very clearly a ponzi scheme. If you're upset at the accusation, perhaps it's time to open a dictionary and then refer to an encyclopedia to understand exactly why ponzi schemes are a criminal business practice.

  8. it aint scam just bescause u had bad experience about some network marketing company, also the 210 etl isnt airdrop for oap, its in exchange of the oap. also about the lamborghini and big numbers, its someones opinion about the price of etl in future and how much a person can be active in the binary system. i didnt see anything big in your video that you have discovered about being it scam, i just see that u have lack of information.

  9. I am new to Crypto and unfortunately fell for the SCAM. I bought xELT off the sight you showed in the video. What would you recommend I do if anything or what can I do at this point?

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