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In this video, I go over 3 things: (1) What is File Coin (2) What makes the price of Fil go up, and (3) My price prediction for Fil Token.


File coin aims to be the world’s decentralized data cloud service provider. Their competitors include cloud storage services provided by companies like Amazon and Google. File coin targets people who want to store data. Users send proof of data they have when they get into a smart contract with the client. Fil token is used as collateral in these transactions. File coin is not a DAO, but I’ve heard rumors they may work on that. File coin is a layer for the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System); it’s a ” peer-to-peer storage network” and it allows people to host web content on multiple computers instead of 1 computer.

The initial ICO in 2017 raised 200 million dollars for Filecoin, and since then File coin has raised over 50 million dollars and they have over 2.5 billion gigabytes of storage capacity through users’ hardware devices.
Fil token Is a deflationary asset. 70% of Fil tokens will be minted based on the performance of the network, a portion will be set on reserve and some will be minted per schedule. Over 50% of Fil tokens are held by storage providers. The Demand comes from storage providers.

Grayscale announced they will be working on making a FILE COIN ETF! If institutional money enters the market, then Fil token will skyrocket.
My price prediction is based on clients using the file coins system and the demand for Fil tokens. Price prediction for File Token is $500 dollars. Now I don’t have a timeline for this. But they are in the data service industry, and data is big business. In order for Web 3.0 to be successful, we need decentralized storage!


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