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FIX: Can’t sell my coins on pancake swap | The transaction cannot succeed due to error: pancake k:

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  1. The transaction cannot succeed due to error: execution reverted: TransferHelper: TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED.

  2. Please can u help me i purchased anon Inu token i have been trying to sell it but the smart contract gets executed but the swap don't appear so i thought i bought the wrong and i sent all my anon Inu to different anon Inu now both say i have zero anon Inu what should I do i am freaking out

  3. Hey dude, that doesn't works for me =/ I have the same issue, but my Wallet just doesn't shows up to validate the transaction ! Any advices ? =/

  4. Still not working. I give up on this garbage. Taking it as a loss since that is what it is when it won't let you sell. Nothing is working. I'm done with it.

  5. Thank you bro. I've had this issue for days and been through lot of telegram groups and YouTube channels but non solved my problem. God bless you. I just subscribed to your channel and following you henceforth.

  6. Educative video, I've tried this and I still can't swap some of my shit coins. Shibu finance and C Shiba inu precisely

  7. Pancake swap not showing me the trade for my coin the right price. On my trust wallet showing 2000$ and when I try to trade for bnb. The bnb is showing .24 which is $90. Help anyone

  8. Brother I am having a problem selling a token with 3 k profit token called tronpad 263 holders please can you check if token a scam for me would appreciate

  9. I sold some of my hope token for bnb, but the transaction went through, but I didn't get my bnb. It has been over a good amount of hours now. Trying to find a way to fix this issue if at all possible.

  10. Thanks so much bro i must confess your video s is always so educative keep it up

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