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FREE Crypto Airdrop Malayalam | FREE Cryptocurrency Coin Airdrops Malayalam

crypto_airdrop #FREE_Airdrop #FREE_CRYPTO In this video I am explaining regarding how to participate on cryptocurrency airdrop and earn money from it for …



  1. Chetta namal telegramil task cheythal namakku spotil trust wallet balance kaanumo..
    Nyan telegramil thane balance check cheyubol kurachu tokens kanikyunuddu but nyan trust wallet nokkumbol kanunilla

  2. Nice vid, man! Wouldn’t u share ur view about UnownSwap? I'm so into it! Can’t wait for their gamification to start!

  3. It looks that you know a lot about it. But have ya got any prediction about $UNOWN? It’s a actually deflationary token with 2% burn fee and nice ideas for profit, like farming or even gaming! I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll hype more than dogecoin!

  4. Brother kyc verification kazhynchapo. Faild enu kanikunu pan caed verification failed aennu message mail vanu. Guide line prakaram anu submit chytatu

  5. Bro shiba inu coin na kurich parayo… Nallonam boom aakumnu parayunnu… Nan 1 crore coin medich 5000 rs nu 2 days munb.. Ippo ath 7000 aay… 1 day il thanna 2000 profit undaay…sell cheyyatha hold cheythal fuyure il nalla profit undakum

  6. Bro cin coins ഒരുമാസം 10% മാത്രമേ withdrawal ചെയ്യാൻ പറ്റുകയുള്ളൂ

  7. Smart chain address chodikkunna airdrops, trust wallet – smart chain – RECEIVE-copy address, cheythaal um pore?

  8. Cereberus kittan vendi trust walletil smart chain – RECEIVE-COPYaddresss año cheyyande.? . Cereberus link Nan angane aanu complete cheythae, but onnum kittiyilla

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