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FTM Price Prediction | Compound Crypto Price Prediction | XRP News Today | FTM Coin | XRP Coin |

FTM Price Prediction | Compound Crypto Price Prediction | XRP News Today | FTM Coin | XRP Coin |

In this video their is list of 3 coins in which you can investment for longterm .we discussed about support , resistance and future target on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis and talk about the news about these coins.

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If you buy any coin, then do not buy it in a big amount at once, buy it with a small amount so that if you bought a coin at a higher price and its price comes down further, then you can buy it again. Will be able to buy so that your
buying price will be average

अगर आप किसी भी कॉइन को खरीदते है तो एक साथ एक बड़े अमाउंट में न ख़रीदे उसको थोड़े थोड़े अमाउंट के साथ ख़रीदे जिससे होगा यह कि अगर आपने किसीकॉइन को हाई प्राइस पर खरीद लिया और उसका प्राइस और नीचे आता है तो आप उसे फिर से खरीद पाएंगे जिससे आपका buying प्राइस एवरेज रहेगी |
This video is only for information and education purpose. This is not a financial advice. We request you to do own due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency, ICO, IEO. We do not take any responsibility for your profit or loss and we will not be liable in any case. Invest only the amount which you can afford to loose as crypto market is very volatile and risky. Thank you….

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