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Gamification Examples: Badges

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  1. Good question @Kevin Nameth! Khan Academy badges are more meaningful because they’re tied to progress. Answering 5 skill questions in a row correlates to improvement in a certain subject. In many cases “employee of the month” can be a one off award or given for unclear criteria, especially if it's required to be given out once every single month.

    It’s not immediately clear how being employee of the month has improved your career or how it relates to your larger goals. It is immediately clear how Khan Academy badges relate to your larger goal, i.e., becoming more knowledgeable about a certain subject. 

    That’s why employee of the month is often a joke in popular culture: it’s recognition that’s lost most of its meaning. 

  2. How are Khan Academy's badges (e.g. quickly & correctly answer 5 skill problems in a row – badge) any more meaningful than employee of the month?

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