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Get $1000+ for FREE – Gitcoin GTC token SMART crypto airdrop!

Gitcoin is an incredible platform, it’s basically a kickstarter for open source projects, Ethereum dapps, and really any quality blockchain project at this point.



  1. guys, take a look at the new token "prisoners (psr)" it is from youtuber Samario de Oliveira and has great potential contract: 0x9cf693ba4f4d66c2671b9605dbe0840a112498b4

  2. Cryptocurrency (bitcoin) is one of the best investment one can make and build wealth for their future

  3. Thank you, now there is a new airdrop, total of $5,000,000 worth of REC, can get 50 REC, you can go to their Twitter for information, @removeelon, please make a video about it

  4. Hey Vosk, thanks for leading me down this road. Got my first airdrop. Wouldn't be here without you. Great stuff!

  5. thanks for the heads up earlier this year, I faced the high Eth fees to donate and got a decent airdrop, GITCOIN is unparalleled

  6. Im completely LOST. What’s helium, opensource GTC, airdrop, etc. Is it really as easy a buying a miner and plugging it in? How do I deposit it, store it, sell it, borrow against it???

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  8. what are you doing now? are you scammer? This is for those who have already participated in the airdrop on 4/1. I can't get it even if I participate now. give me the right information

  9. Hi 😘 Miss Kathy Lien and her method works like magic I keep on earning every week with her new strategy

  10. Hi 😘 Mrs Clara is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  11. SPARK TOKENS can you make an update.. ? I had 10,000 XRP when the SNAPSHOT on COIN BASE and othersI haven't seen any spark on coinbase or where is it at?

  12. Vos you growing your hair out G? One more week an you might be doin cha cha chiacoin commercials hahaha

  13. Time to buy HNS. i predicted to buy doge coin couple years ago, and i went high. now is time to buy HNS. remember diamonds 💎 are value for the reason that not everyone can find them or have them.

  14. Gitcoin will change our relation to work. its an amazing project and imho the most important creation after uniswap. thx to gitcoin for changing lives….

  15. Don't know if somebody has already posted it here, as I'm not going to read through the 300+ comments 😃, but under the Missions area, there's a GitCoin Collectibles area where you may have a $20 coupon code for their swag store. Just scored a free GitCoin tee, and only had to pay $3.99 for shipping.

  16. Came to this bit late, after this video went to give it a go. Quite easy to setup, however, I believe there might be some teething troubles as none of my quest rewards have gone through. Hopefully will be sorted soon, but the project does look interesting and the gamification I have to admit keeping me entertained. Thank you

  17. As a beginner trader you would like to take the opportunity and earn alot of money and of course start a career, unlike the stock market and other financial has no centralized location since it operates 24hours a day in different part of the world.

  18. You talk way to fast for me and over my head. Stop talking like a late night used car salesman and just give me the tech facts of how to do it and a range of what I might expect. #1 rule don't over sale it.

  19. Hey Vosk, that's a nice bag of weed you had there, what is your favourite strian? Please tell me I found the easter egg and your gonna send me a nice prize 😂

  20. hey mate, just messaged you on facebook, i really hope to hear back from you soon, cheers

  21. I gave a ton to multiple projects for the last round using multiple wallets. I claimed SATO but still shows zero balance in my wallets, and received zero GTC. Also, weren't there NFT videos that were part of the VoskCoin donation? Is there a link somewhere to these? 🙁

  22. Hey guys, GTC was a retroactive airdrop. There no current plan for new users to receive any airdrop for activity on the Gitcoin platform.

  23. I've seen a lot of scammers in the comments then reply themselves with different gmail lol 🤣🤣🤣

  24. My first airdrop and its a big one! I started ETH mining after seeing your videos and contributed to your Grant. Keep on doing what you do.

  25. It does not go to anyone that had activity on the site. I just checked and although I've spent many hours on the site and even an unsuccessful layer 2 donation to a couple dozen projects, I got no GIT. Projects are still in my chopping cart by I wasn't going to spend $500 in tx fees to donate.

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