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  1. So what happens if the US and European governments come out and say they are banning bitcoin and supporting a coin they pick out that is fundamentally just as good as bitcoin? If bitcoin goes to 500k, 1 million, 10 million…. that makes the top bitcoin hodlers richer the Jeff Bezos…. and effectively more powerful because the money can be taken out of bitcoin and be used to exert power in the world…. and sure it might crash bitcoin but there’s much less loyalty and constraint on bitcoiners doing this than there are on company ceos. Jeff can’t sell his stock without crashing his stock price and he’d probably get a lot of people pissed at him and he would be fucking over partners and employees…. some dude who bought bitcoin 10 years ago for 2k and hodled really has nothing stopping him from saying fuck it, my next 200 generations are set I don’t need to keep my bitcoin anymore. I don’t want to be stuck dependent on exchanges to get my money out or lenders that might be tracked down by the government and forced to hand over my information…. so fuck it, let me dump 250,000 bitcoin on the market and just buy up real estate. Instantly he would be the number one owner of land in the world…. That being the case do you really think old money is going to buy into bitcoin and make the bitcoin whales who got in earlier richer and more powerful than themselves? The chance they don’t ban bitcoin and get it flipped by another coin is non-existent. All that would be necessary is for that the top 1000 owners of bitcoin owning 40% to be used as a pretext for banning it and propping up a currency people by the government that does everything bitcoin does but is going to be integrated into the banking system and usable in amazon and all e-commerce. Bitcoin would drop like a rock, probably not to 0 but it would not survive. The only reason rich people are buying now are to pump and dump whole the getting is good. Then they are all going to call each other up and dump at the same time.

  2. wishing there was a service with alert by like phone call or Alexa alarm, when something crucial is about to happen. Could be an Alexa app service.

  3. RADICAL bitcoin moves can shake up our stock market. BTC should be regulated by the feds. It affects every sector!!!

  4. Being a single parent can be tough on you. But since I found out about bitcoinsamurai and invested, I've had to relax a bit more than I would have thought

  5. The crypto and stocks market is down 8% after the huge run up everyone it’s crashing again….what the next move🤦🤦

  6. Cristiano are you bullying us with rainicorn to get us trapped so you can get your money? Idk man i lost 40% sorry for raging

  7. There's also a much bigger H&S there so we could get a dump into the big right shoulder until we get a massive pump………………….

  8. Yes yes. Time to buy more. Dollar will be gone. Bitcoin will replace dollar and whole world currency. The funny thing would be, which country would allow that to happen to their currency? Currency represent more than just value. It represent the country.

  9. Thank you so much for the knowledge you share with us! I tried to buy Reini but I could not figure out how to do it. Help! (In the meantime it went up about 100%! Yikes! ) How do we orchestrate that whole procedure?? How do newbies like me participate in these gems? Thank you for any suggestions of how to learn how to buy Reini on Uniswap. Stay safe, Barbara

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