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Get Your FREE 1 Million wDOGECOINS Now! AIRDROP | Crypto Corner

How to claim 1 MILLION wDogecoins in this time-sensitive airdrop before it gets listed on PancakeSwap on July 15, 2021.



  1. Hi Nicole, the wdoge was listed…now what, any suggestion on how to trade it, use it, etc. Same goes for wBTC, wXRP, xXMR

  2. Cool channel. I got this drop and then found a down others same set uo. Seems that all these w type airdrops are fake. Wmonero wsole Wripple wbnb etc. Wbnb has a value of 200 plus usd. But there is also a wbinance coin wbnb same ticker.. I checked bsacn and shows many tokens are burn. Don't know exactly what that means. But assume gone. There is a whole world out there of fake airdrops. Probably hoping that people buy presale. Because the airdrop fee goes to the miners.. Anyway all new to this crypto. Since a month. Have 15 or so airdrops. 3 I paid 0. 01 for presale and I personally feel it they are majority are scams. What is your expereince. Wripple. Antfimace. Net etc

  3. It looks like this airdrop has ended :(( The QR Code no longer shows up. The only way to receive wDogecoin now is to purchase some on the site or wait until July 15th to trade it. They don't last forever. But we will feature new airdrops so Subscribe to this channel so you get notified of the next one!

  4. Hi click in you're link but there is not QR code
    And I can't have to scan
    Plz help me I need money for my midicical father

  5. Am I too late ? I didn’t get my million wdoge . I tried to purchase . I need help please!!🙏🏽

  6. Question: can’t the TW token be compromise?
    2. How safe is this project? There’s not much to read about?
    3. Any much detail info would be greatly appreciated. I’ve already bought some got about 2bill coins 🪙 of wdoge my worry is how can we trust this project blackdoge run away with my money….

  7. thanks for sharing , but im having a problem when i scan the code the trust wallet does not recognize the credit in bnb that i have , anybody can help me to solve this please?

  8. The free coins is now 300,000 and not 1 million so get them now before they drop the free coins further

  9. I appreciate this site and the link made it so easy to get the airdrop.please always put your airdrop link to make it easier for other airdrops.thank you so much.

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