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Gold and Diamonds High Risk Coin Pusher

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  1. It has come to my attention that ALOT of people still believe High Risk aka High Limit coin pusher videos from YouTube channels such as “Joshua Bartley” or “What The Hales” are real . We have done countless days of research proving why these videos are fake. Whether you believe these videos are real or fake, all are welcome to join the discussion on Discord

  2. I am very intrigued by your Videos on the Coin Pusher Games. I have never seen those i any Casinos I have been to. Where do you play those games at? I live in Biloxi Ms. we have full Casinos but not legal for the Coin Pushers here

  3. Its just an entertaining video yal keep saying how fake it is and still watch just enjoy his effort t entertain all of us its just about it.

  4. I was here a while back the staff was great and Bob was a cool dude…the drinks was a Lil hot..I have the video will upload soon . 😉

  5. of course all these pusher videos are faked the arcade could not afford to give away Bitcoins and gold bars…

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