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Google Finance Review and Walkthrough

Google Finance Review and Walkthrough Link to download all my Google Sheets: Link to Think Stocks Meme Shirts: …



  1. I have a question for you…all the coding you taught me works, but for some companies, under dividends, I get #VALUE. I put in the =IF(isblank statements to clear up 0.00, but is there a way to hide #VALUE. For example, I get this for LUV (Southwest Airlines). They use to pay a dividend, but discontinued it. Then for stocks like MRK (Merck), I get #N/A, which they pay a big, fat juicy dividend. The rest of my stocks populate fine, like AAPL, so I know the coding is working. Am I doing something wrong or is there a fix? Thank for any help.

  2. I've been searching but can't find an answer so maybe you know. What do the colors of the companies on the Google Finance watchlist mean?

  3. surpriselly in my country Malaysia doesn't support it I just brings you to a tab for finance not the one like your and lacks a lot in compared to yours

  4. Firstly, great video!
    I think Google Finance, as you said, is great for less experienced people and for people that have their "lives" centralized in google products. Plus I think Google will improve this and in the future develop some of the weak areas that you also talked about.
    Unfortunately I can't try it for myself because I still have an old version of it, no idea why.

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