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Guggenheim Co-Founder Morley Is Building Largest NFT Museum

May.24 — Todd Morley, Overline chairman and co-founder of Guggenheim Partners, explains why he’s building a new blockchain network. He speaks on …



  1. I understand crypto and traditional finance deeply. He is just stringing random words together most of the time.

  2. When I got the actual fact about salaries was during the lockdown. Salaries don't make you rich. I went into Trading just last year I say I bought my first house in the beginning of the year. Then realised I wasted a lot of time

  3. He repeats her questions before replying, a dated move actually – he doesn’t sound fluent in the products functions & future functions.. we all want to grow & “Joe do you make any money” absolutely brilliant 👏🏽👏🏽

  4. A lot of people with high IQs are terrible investors because they've terrible temperaments. You need to keep raw irrational emotion under control.

  5. Jesus is the way. Blessed be God.
    EWTN News: On a mission to report the truth. God bless the United States of America.

  6. I object to the Equality Act proposed by the Democratic Party.
    The Equality Act is a lie. From the Father of lies, Save Us, O Lord.
    God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

  7. Major AR Technology is going to drive our civilization towards a carbon free environment!! Investing into companies like ECOMI etc will make the world cleaner from plastics, toxin's and Co2 emotions and oil/gas consumption… But if you want to also make money and save our planet you should invest… Not Financial Advice!!

  8. Best stocks Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Nvidia, Microsoft, Netflix. Disney and Wells Fargo for the recovery,;____

  9. Overline Network (formerly known as blockcollider). Currently under 20 mln market cap and tech is unique and truly decentralized with no validators or swaps or wrapped tokens.

    Only problem is marketing. Any other projects with this tech or connections would have pumped 100x by now. Team is very hush-hush about what they do, but is clear as day what they're doing and this is just another proof of it.

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