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HAPPY B-DAY MAIAR! | Elrond/EGLD Updates | RIDE Metastaking | CRAZY 1099-K Tax Document!

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HAPPY B-DAY MAIAR! | Elrond/EGLD Updates | RIDE Metastaking | CRAZY 1099-K Tax Document!


⏰ Video Duration: 22:51

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Elrond Price Analysis
1:57 – Maiar App Hits 1 Year Old!
2:53 – Holoride Metastaking Event
7:44 – Elrond Explorer Update
9:17 – Maiar DEX New Token Listing Process
9:29 – Atlas VPN (Paid Sponsorship)
11:49 – Maiar DEX New Token Listing Process (Cont.)
13:17 – Isengard ISET Listing Information
17:03 – CRAZY 1099-K Tax Document

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