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Hay Day Update-Sneak Peek:The Piggy Bank!!

In Sneak Peek #2 for the Hay Day 2019 December update we find out about The Piggy Bank coming to The Valley. This new feature will allow us to store more …



  1. The valley this time was really fun. Chickens weren’t no were to be found, they were abundant.(very nice). Had more tokens per task so hope none of that changes. Keeping the tokens is really good from valley season to the next.🤗 this could be great 👍🏻

  2. Jennifer I think that's wonderful ideal as I haven't cashed in my tokens from last Valley due to I have bought all during last Valley because wallet was always full, plus I had 93 fuel I needed to run out before Valley ended so of course I have plenty of tokens but don't want/need land tools right now. I think there's booster in there I can buy but they are just 200 of each color. I need to get busy and spend before next Valley I just always get main prize as I'm working on booster storage and fighting barn storage so would have to sell whatever I get.

  3. Like the piggyback you don’t lose your Tokens anyone and the fact that you could get two Exclusive decorations !!!!

  4. I’m happy we’ll be able to save what’s left of the tokens in the bank until next time instead of losing them.

  5. well now that sounds more like a feature that would actually be useful, but wht limit will the piggy bank have? An how much tokens will we be able to collect comfortably per season in the piggy bank? Enuf to buy deco & diamonds?

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