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HODL Token False Scam Rumors , Rival Coin Drama & CEO Backtrack on Promised Face Reveal Explained

I am not a Financial Advisor, but listen… ⚠️ Please report the WhatsApp Bot/Telegram Scammer’s lurking in our comment section pretending to be me.



  1. Sorry bro have to correct you. The amount of BNB rewards you get is based on the volume. A percentage of the tax that is charged on each transaction goes into the BNB rewards pool and that is what your daily BNB claim is based on. So even if the coin traded sideways or down but had a lot of transactions your reward amount is going to go up.

  2. Great video. It's actually calculated based off the volume. So if volume is low the bnb claim each day will be lower than when volume is high. Because it comes from buys and sells. But I have found – for me at least- the calculator is estimating lower than I'm getting in bnb rewards at the moment. It's an amazing program. I do think there's merit to 'who came out first' in that it helps point to the innovator. If you're with the innovator you can expect more innovation which will add significant value to token.

  3. Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money, i started investing since the pandemic crash😥

  4. Its hard but hey we bekieve in it and take his rewards=)))) he is a stupid person…dont follow fools like him….hahahhaahahha =))))) we buy the dips but it dips hard

  5. Do you have any input on why it's dropping when the rest of the market is doing pretty good the past couple of days?

  6. Yo Crypt that dude's back at it again LOL but here's the kicker…. He's ALL POSITIVE on Ghostface !!!! No BS check his Channel again LOL

  7. Oh my gosh yes! I watched that dummy’s video and you can tell he didn’t know what he was talking about or how to redeem his daily rewards.

  8. I am getting free BNB everyday.
    By Holding HODL, what about you?
    No need to do anything, just hold you will get free BNB daily.

  9. Where does my BNB go? I collected my daily and it took a gasnfeenand said 0.00 dollars in BNB recieved. They didnt give me anything unless im missing something bro… it took the gas for me accepting the so called dividend, but gave me no BNB

  10. In regards to a hodl, giving out BNB coins as incentive might have adverse effects as far as SEC is concerned. Which is why he’s back tracking on the doxing. Maybe they’re lawyering up? I dunno, just a guess.

  11. Bro im not getting no bnb, after that frist day, it only takes smart chain bnb fee. I have not see any received bnb in my trust wallet

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