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Hokkaido Inu HOKK ✅ How to Buy Hokkaido Inu Coin HOKK Crypto on Uniswap

In this video you will learn about Hokkaido Inu HOKK & How to Buy Hokkaido Inu Coin HOKK Crypto on Uniswap! Bybit maximum rewards a new user can …



  1. And what can you share about coin $CHIHUA? want to understand your position about this star. think it will rise 10x soon!

  2. Can we use something else to swap from to HOKK instead from ETH. Can we go USDC to HOKK instead? ETH fee too high

  3. I just purchase $100 of ETH in order to trade $HOKK but Coinbase is telling me I dont have access to those funds until 4 days from now. Is there any way to bypass this? I NEED ME SOME $HOKK!

  4. 1 ETH = 614 HOKKS WTF?! why do I have different prices, I got the contract from both Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and still have this issue

  5. Can I just buy straight from my Coinbase wallet to uniswap? I don’t wanna download more and more wallets and shit. Any opinions?

  6. Insufficient liquidity for this trade?…I have 85 dollars worth of Eth in my Metamask, trying to swap for Hokk on Uniswap but this is the message i get???…any ideas?

  7. I’m very new to this token and I’m at work, what’s your guys expectation on this are you guys in? I’m gonna get some on uniswap and keep learning about this

  8. Thank you for showcasing HOKK. i've been lucky to find the token on day 2 before it's hitting the mainstream. you're one of the early youtubers that's talking about it. When this blows up eventually, people will remember that you were one of those that talked about it in the early days.
    Good luck and godspeed everyone!

  9. One of the only coins I’ve bought into where the guys in charge actually have there sh*t together. Buy hokk while you can afford it.

  10. Do not buy this ? it’s a scam, they also have a huge holding in BOKK coin. HOKK marketing team have made it so the majority of holders can’t cash out, HOKK is a scam and rug pull!

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