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HOW I BUY JUNK SILVER (Constitutional Silver) from a Local Coin Shop

In this video I show my most recent pickup of junk silver from a local coin shop. When I am buying silver, I like to buy silver Roosevelt dimes,silver Mercury dimes, …



  1. 40% half dollars are always going to be popular for junk silver buyers, despite the negative comments many people make about buying them as opposed to 90% coin. Definitely the risk/reward idea does make total sense, even though we all know silver will probably never go below $10/oz. again. l think at the current silver price of about $25, there is a better chance that silver will double its price from here, rather than go down to $10.

  2. I just found this while you tube surfing. It is almost exactly one year later. Spot is close to $27 and junk silver is selling at 20 -22 X face value now. Wish I had bought more.

  3. 13 times face is hella good, your lucky to get 17 times face now lol. All of my local coin shops are totally out of silver constantly, and prices on ebay are terrible for junk silver.

  4. If you think silver can possibly drop to the point where you would need the face value to lesson down side risk you shouldn't be buying silver.

  5. Interesting thought on the 40% silver although I doubt silver will ever go below the 50 cent face value of the 40% Kennedy but it definitely will not go up forever and will come back down eventually.

  6. Hey 👋 Just found your video in my news feed 😎 Great advice for junk silver. Got yourself a new S U B 👍 89! 🎉 🚀 🐼

  7. I would always buy 40% silver halves at the right price! Silver is silver lol This week I bought 20 40% halves less than melt! Great video and pickup!

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