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How To Buy DOGET with Coinbase and Trade To Stellaport | Simple Step by Step Directions

This is $DOGET NOT $DOGE… DOGE TOKEN not Doge COIN How To Buy DOGE Token the ONE way I found with Coinbase and Stellaport. I think there are …



  1. Someone suggested Lobster. they might have an instant deposit. I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE or if lobster is legit.

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  3. thanks for this video, just a little bit hard to, so my question is, I followed this process and I see I have 14.4 native balance, does this mean I have got 14.4 doget tokens? sorry, if not what else I need to do to get Doget token?

  4. Any idea of how to withdraw xlm or doget easily AND at a realistic conversion rate? Seems LOBSTR ans stellar term is facing a liquidity issue and not only for xlm.
    So, any tip that could help would be appreciated. Thanks again

  5. fake prices look at coinmarketcap the price is 0.000002 and on the stellar side it is sold for 0.002 / 3 !!!!

  6. stellarterm and this?? are they legit? and how is that doget purchase.. they seem to be really doing so good

  7. It's telling me that I Must purchase 5 Lumens in order to activate my stellarterm account, is this normal?

  8. Let’s do some math…If I have 78,071 tokens valued at $0.01223….How is my balance at $794….Where’s my additional $160+ dollars? Are they robbing us?

    $0.01223 * 78,071 = $954.80

  9. I had to create an address for stellarport on coinbase pro. then I have to wait 48 hrs apparently for it to be whitelisted. They must have changed the rules on this recently because my send failed after the 2 step verification

  10. Thank you for this video. It was very helpful!!!
    I have a question: I also bought btc from Coinbase. Do I send all to Stellarport to keep there and my btc will stay the same? And once I have Stellarport, I can just forget my Coinbase account after I send everything over?? Please help. Thank you 🙏🏼

  11. Is doget token legit? I'm very careful, I don't want to be scammed. Is this safe for American traders? Thanks for your help.

  12. Are you then moving the doget (token) back to your cb wallet, or keeping them on stellerport? Were there gas fees?

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