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How to get started with Spirit Swap

This video will teach you how to transfer funds from an Ethereum wallet to a Fantom wallet, which will you allow you to buy Spirit on Spirit Swap! Spirit Swap: …



  1. My FTM never went to my Fantom Opera Main from my Ethereum after swapping It out on multichain. can anyone assist me?

  2. I had a huge problem with your bridge it took my ftm off of metamask eth wallet and never transferred to ftm wallet???? Can someone please help me?????

  3. got my position into spirit. Looking forward to see it panckaeswap of FTM chain. When are you planning to add it on coingecko ? It should get more visibilty to attract BSCchain and HECO chain crowd.
    All the best

  4. i did this exact method but i dont get to see my FTM over at the FTM opera mainet, and on the ETH side it's gone. how long do i need to wait for the transfer?

  5. Been quite difficult since yesterday to withdraw from Binance so – a lot of people sure need this tutorial. Cheers!

  6. Nice video, if you are Vietnamese, you guys can watch my video.videoo
    Very clear and easy to understand.

  7. I tried to do use multichain, but the transaction wouldnt go through. Now it seems like i lost all my fantom..

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