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How to get XRP Airdrops & Setup Trustlines

Hey! Want some juicy airdrops? Me too. Here is how you can put all your XRP into good use and start claiming ongoing & upcoming airdrops on XRP blockchain.

1) You need to have a trustline supporting wallet, far as I know Xumm is the best option at the moment
2) Secondly you need to have XRP on your Xumm wallet, you can also import seed phrase or the private key from other wallets like Exodus to make the transition easier process, so when you get flare airdrop it will be accessible also from the Xumm wallet easily.
3) You can find ongoing & upcoming XRP airdrops from this list collected by a community member

Also, I recommend taking a look at & for info regarding their drops which are expected to be probably the highest value out of the bunch. #XRP #DeFi #Airdrops

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