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How to put coins in Numista

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  1. Sir good evening ,,,how to join in your group,,and how to know,, become a value of small old coins ,,I'm solo parents of my ,2 daughter's,,I need extra income for here studying…1 college 2.elementary grade,,I'M happy to collect or pick up small coins I see on the street when I walk,,,and now if they have value ,,how I know?

  2. Meron po ako naitabi na non magnetic coins na tag 1piso 1995 to 2003,520 pcs na non magnetic coins salamat po gusto ko Sana maibenta ko na para Po pangmaintenance,. 4 stroke na Po ako salamat po at pagpalain ka

  3. Thanks, Glen. I never added my coins to their catalog, but think I will give it a try.

  4. Numista is really the best website out there for us to keep track of our coins. I also like Coinoscope app. I can find every coin that I don't recognize.

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