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How to Research a Crypto in 7 Steps – My new daily habit

Everyone always says, “Do your own research!”, but how do you actually do your own research on a crypto. In this video I’ll show you an overview of how to …



  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. Really like the spacesuitx methodology for evaluating a cryptocurrency.

  2. I'm starting to research cryptos market, and I realized that read coins white papers is extremely important to know how clear is its purposes, tech development and the grasp of its target market.

  3. This is a great ambition but can't you save yourself a ton of time using the process of elimination and just p[ass over junk ICOs that have easy to spot red flags?

  4. Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?

  5. Great video and great information! But please consider using coin market cap in night mode, i was blinded by the white color lol

  6. @CrushCrypto has a good ICO Checklist (gotta join their mailing list to get it though). Maybe you should create a "CryptoBobby ICO Checklist" and offer it up to your subscribers. ? — You're welcome! ?

  7. Look into MED Medibloc! Barely came out less than 3 weeks ago already in the top 50. It's with Healthcare great potential! ??

  8. Good vid. My advice is to pick a coin before the hype. My fav is Peercoin. 25 mill supply and invenors of POS. Still under $10 but could easily go to $200 when they go on a marketing rampage. They have an awesome product and they know it. Thats why they don't have to pump it everyday. Patience is key! Check out their chart and tell me i am wrong

  9. You should do a video about your favorite investors that you follow on Twitter. Ones that give legit advice and want to help other traders.

  10. Agreed, it's all about who's digested the most information, and who's done the most research. So much stuff to sift thru.

    I'd be interested to hear more about specifically what people look for on a github page (other than just the fact a company updates it regularly). Definitely want to start incorporating that into my research more.

  11. Does anyone have an input on CanYa coin? it's on Kucoin exchange and it released yesterday. They have a working product. Coins in circulation is very low and market cap is not too high atm.

  12. Hey Bobby.. Love your work man. watching almost every video of you on youtube. Providing great value !!! One question: do you recommend buying 0x with Btc or Eth ? and do you buy it on binance ? 🙂

  13. Does this coin have potential for a huge growth? Mercury Protocol (GMT)
    $0.229208 USD (13.24%)
    0.00001527 BTC (13.85%)
    0.00019022 ETH (5.83%)
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    $38,692,516 USD
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    32,110 ETH
    Volume (24h)
    $313,222 USD
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