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HUGE* Shiba Inu Coin SHIBASWAP NEWS & SHIBASWAP BEGINNERS GUIDE + Release Date (EVERYTHING). If you are interested in the new shibaswap …



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  2. Please please please do a video on leash. I keep asking on every channel but everyone is ignoring it lol.

  3. Correct me if im wrong but pretty sure it will take 4 trillion $ market cap to make shib worth 0.01 unless the coin is burned significantly. To reach 4 trillion will take 50 years if ever. At Bitcoins high market cap was 1.2 trillion. 60k a coin. With that said I believe it will take 10k investment to become a millionaire within the next 10 years possibly 1 to 5 years if China is on the ban wagon. but the train left the station already so to catch up to it got to go big or wait a long time. Also check out harmony one coin at 0.10 now. 13 billion max supply let use know what you think

  4. Just discovered your videos and very grateful that I did. Would love a video on how to watch whale wallets/who to watch!

  5. @December DeMarco Miyamoto Musashi was the greatest samurai to ever be born in Japan in my opinion. He wrote the book of five rings. I have read that book and it’s good, plus any of those samurai movies with the non traditional samurai is how Miyamoto Musashi was. His story you should look into.

  6. And by the way my brother your videos are awesome. Very informative. Looking forward to be coming a Sheba swap bone holder as soon as possible. I just don't know how to go about that I'm very green when it comes to all this crypto drive. Anyway looking for you to lead me through the jungle. God bless my brother.

  7. Video was MAGNIFICENT!!!

    Mate, like your background, love your analysis and going to join your Facebook group.

    I joined the Crypto Market, 6 months ago and I know f#@k all haha I've really doubled down on shib because everything I've read and watched, it sounds amazing.

    Thanks for giving us a REAL insight and your knowledge. No click bate, no shit 👍

    P.s scammers, I don't want a lengthy conversation with yourself on my comment claim some, Mr Adams made you 40 grand in twenty minutes. I'm new to all this, not fu**ing stupid.

    Much love.

  8. If I have 25 million coins, what price does it need to go to to get first million? I thought I was doing my math right. Then I saw a video and they said if you buy $100 in shib today, you'd be a millionaire if it goes to a penny. So I just need clarity on who's math is right.

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  11. Whats up fellow soldiers SHIBARMY I'm a new recruit got my first shib 2 weeks ago and came across December Demarco videos and bro Thank You. They need to make you a Shibarmy General the info you give is priceless I learned so much from your videos bro I'm all in…. over 100mil coins In and counting.. I will be getting your course soon and I'm joining the private stock market gang too. Keep doing what you doing bro you on your YODA shit I'm trying to be a JEDI too…..

  12. Great video Swag. So question once Shiba Swap drops will you make more burying Shib or Digging for Shib?? I feel like in the 2week 10x Bone 🦴 drop. One option will be better then the other long term. What’s your thoughts?

  13. Thanks brother! Facebook you also . 9 million and buying more, lol.northern Minnesota appreciate all the info

  14. I own 14 mil shiba 425 doge and 10 polka dot and have no clue what I am doing just started this crypto journey just looking for a little direction I know your not an advisor just looking for help

  15. Holding 85M, buying the dips

    One thing I’ve learned: don’t buy in with all your money at one entry point. Study the market behavior and buy a bit here and there when dips occur (for example, last week was a great time to buy) and gradually build up what you’re holding. This way, you can continuously buy down your average cost and be in a good position to profit when those booms happen. I’m not an expert by any means but just something I picked up on as a crypto noobie.

    Let’s make some money 💪

  16. I have a feeling a year from now everyone is going to be hoping on this coin and all of us we be making A LOT of money📈

  17. I know you like books, check you "the book of five rings strategy of the samurai" by miyamoto musashi it'll blow your mind.

  18. A friend of mine sent me something from a Facebook group where robinhood said they would list shiba inu on the 28 of may tomorrow for trading. Have you heard anything?

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