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I buy $20 of whatever SatoshiStreetBets tells me to – UltraSafe (Episode 3)

This week, I invest $20 into UltraSafe token! This is what they say on their whitepaper – “Buy and hold UltraSafe to reap the rewards of its frictionless yield …



  1. You should throw in a quick comment about the overall market at the end for next weeks. Something like to quickly put this in context, BTC is down almost 40% and ETH Down 50%.

  2. Don’t worry about the current price, it’s a steal. I can’t wait for the market to recover, due to hyper inflation it will recover guys!

  3. All the best – with youtube, not Ultrasafe 😀 may your channel go to the moon 😀 couldn't care less about crypto xD here by accident but I appreciate the effort 😀

  4. I have just checked this coin for last 1 hr and tbh I am impressed with their plans and optimize. I am sure it will be big.. I will put 50 dollars on this for now

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