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I Just Became A Shib Millionaire

Here’s how to become a Shib millionaire.
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Today I became a Shib millionaire with the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. Let’s talk about what makes Shib so special.

It’s a new cryptocurrency that is now in the top 10 market cap (temporarily surpassing Dogecoin). It’s like Dogecoin with all the memes but based on the Ethereum network.

The Shib ecosystem has 3 main components to it – Shib, leash, and bone. Shib is the token that’s going to the moon, it’s something people buy and hold.

There’s also LEASH which is a rarer token with a max supply of 107,646 that allows holders to get even more rewards by providing liquidity to the network – the more leash tokens you have the more rewards you earn.

Finally there’s LEASH of which there are 250 million tokens – which is the community token that allows you to participate in the social aspect of the network which is where you vote on the “governance model”.

You can also dig for bones like a dog would under the ground which is where you provide liquidity to earn Bone, and because SHIB is a token on the Ethereum network you can swap your coins as long as there is liquidity. When you’re happy, you can WOOF your returns and claim your rewards.

That is the NFTs based on the SHIB token.

How to become a millionaire with Shib:
All it takes is anywhere between $75-$100 and you can become a Shib millionaire. In order to become a US dollar millionaire, Shib needs grow to 1 cent and you need to invest between $7,000-$10,000.

Will Shib go to a penny?
For Shib to get to a penny, it needs to roughly 138x in price. Which means we have to multiply the total value of Shib in circulation – which is the market cap of $26.7 billion by 138 which would be $3.68 trillion.

For context, it would become more valuable than any company in the world, more valuable than Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, and it would also be more valuable than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire crypto space combined times almost 3. Will that happen? Sure – it could.

My story of failure:
In 2017 I bought into the hype of tech. Bitcoin was 8 years old at that time and we started to figure out that we could create different mechanisms of consensus, different blockchains that were better. Like IOTA for example, something that used trinary math where you had to confirm 2 transactions before yours was confirmed (the tangle). IOTA was the seventh biggest crypto at that time. I bought in.

There was also NEO which was the Ethereum of China, it had smart contracts, decentralization, interoperability, oracles, you name it. I bought into it.

Then there was ticker symbol OMG, even Vitalik Buterin – the creator of Ethereum was rumored to be on the board of advisors, it was the crypto that would power Ethereum. I was excited, and bought into it.

Then there was Dash which tried to be a better Bitcoin by allowing block rewards to be paid not only to the miners but to developers so they had an incentive to keep the project running which brought a balance to the force between miners and developers (this helped prevent hard forks and chainsplits). Ofcourse, it was the “better” Bitcoin.

There was also Monero at #10 which focused primarily on privacy and it was the best at it. It was extremely popular and people thought what Bitcoin was truly missing – was privacy. I didn’t buy in – but I liked the idea of it.

Today – not a single one of these cryptocurrencies which were all in the top 10 – are in the top 10. You would think at least ONE would deliver on it’s promise to improve the blockchain and be the better technology – after all – they had 4 years to do it.

Almost all of them followed the same price pattern before fading away into irrelevance. I bought Shib as a fun speculative play. Be careful what you invest in and don’t make my same mistakes.



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