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  1. Bet you regret selling now 😁. This project is a beast and when it awakes it doesn't stop, eventually will become tired and needs some sleep… Like a sleeping giant! Absolutely a no brainer just hold it man! Should buy more no you still can! Look at the charts

  2. Barosanii din comentarii, nu va mai agitati atata. Omul face trading. TRADING. Nu inteleg care e problema de va agitati atata. Ok. EGLD, Romania, inteleg, aveti sentimente pentru tokenul asta, Currency Nomad nu este pe placul vostru. Vreti sa faceti HODL… cine va opreste? Vreti sa faceti trading? Cine va opreste? De ce atata hate?

  3. HOLD is always good move to many times i seen people get burned selling a project only to miss out on the train good luck to you

  4. Well explained! Have the same opinion on the immediate short term even though gonna hold EGLD for years

  5. Bro why i bought it at 100 dollar after watching your videos now i am worried should j sell too please help 🥺

  6. I guess some people just like paying short term capital gains taxes, missing out on staking rewards, and hoping Coinbase news doesn't drop while you're on the sidelines. 😉

    Kidding (kind of). I know you're done well on other tokens in the meantime. Very small window to get back in at or below your previous exit though, I think, given the timeline presented.

  7. Why are you not talking about Terra Luna Ecosystem? They are massive in Asia, please check Mirror Protocol and Anchor Protocol. Luna will be a TOP 5 project by the end of 2021. Please do research. Luna has 2.5 million crypto non users who pay with Luna every day in Asia.

  8. Hi guys does anybody know if there are any plans to enable people to stake elrond below 10 egld minimum ? thank you

  9. Thanks man have done the same EGLD doesn’t look bullish at the short term. I will invest in other projects at the short term just to accumulate more EGLD for the future.

  10. Hello, i just wanted to say that i was mostly first introduced to how big egld was from wacthing you videos on it which made me buy more before the pump and make gains ( i had egld before but not too much) however i, also held and saw it go down, i have come to realise that in this market its best to look at things objectively and not get married to projects, i appreciate your honesty and the fact that you made a video on this instead of maybe keeping it a secret which would have been misleading, i currently hold a little less egld than before even tho i still hold egld and thats because i realized that perhaps it needs to cool down a bit more than people are expecting and there are other peojects i can take advantage of.

  11. Smart move I wish I traded my bag into harmony when it was 4 cents last week like I wanted to but was too shook lol.

  12. i bought is for AUD $270 per coin and i have all my money invested in ELGD .now its staying around $180-190 and its been a more than a month..
    i dont know should i sell it or hold it.. i could make more if i wouldn't buy an EGLD

  13. I sold all Egld a couple months ago after big profit. Let the rest ride on ORN. Taking profits is what this game is about, not marrying projects.

  14. I actually did the same 2 weeks before this videos. Made tons of gains. I can now buy double the amount of egld I started out with. Waiting for it to dip more though because its in a bearish pattern.

  15. I bought my egld at 35 usd, i'm just waiting for a new ath to sell. Elrond has no bad news so its just a matter of time before it turns bullish again

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