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I Sorted 2 Kilograms of Foreign Coins, How Much Was it Worth?

So I have a collection of foreign coins that weighs over two kilograms… how much are all those coins worth? MUSIC: “Udub (Instrumental)” by Ali Dhaanto …



  1. Hmmmmm, no african, arabic, south asian, south american currencies… This tells a lot about were you, and your family have traveled to.

  2. Just so you know that big dollar coin is a peace dollar, and is worth between 25-35 Dollars!

  3. the usa one wrong that sweet 1922 john Dillinger era peace dollar is silver so it more 💲💲 in your pocket ✌

  4. im a big currency collector too, but my bag is only 1.5kg :(. But i separate the US quarters since i have every state quarter, 3/5 territory quarters, and something like 15 landmark quarters. If you want you can get in touch with me for Mexican Pesos since I travel there almost every year (i personally like the 10cent pieces because they are extremely small)

  5. 5:50 how can you have a tails side of a coin without tails on them? The reason it’s called the tails side is because they have tails on them (on British coins)

  6. 1:09 wow that was super helpful thanks a lot /s

    (FYI if you (random commenter) need to know it's 4.806 pounds. You're welcome.)

  7. Look how the Danish coins have that hole at the center . What’s is it for?
    Is it serving the same purpose as how old coins in East Asia having holes at the center so people can put a string into them to group coins?

  8. I also like to collect coins but i’ve only have swedish, danish european coins + one US penny

  9. Hey. this comment isn't really related to the video, but I was wondering wether you watch alternate history videos.
    Again, this comment might seem random, but I don't think a email to your contact would just be as random and i don't know if you read all your Twitter messages

  10. I like how you Stephen Colberted the keyboard.
    Do you have a coin collection other than this bag o' cash?

  11. Fun fact:

    The first mint was likely established in Lydia in the 7th century BC, for coining gold, silver and electrum. The Lydian innovation of manufacturing coins under the authority of the state spread to neighboring Greece, where a number of city-states operated their own mints

  12. I didn't actually find the idea of that video all that interesting, but he was very wholesome so I pressed like anyway.

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