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Illuvium And Sandbox Staking – The Metaverse Whale Exposed (Episode 3)

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Hey guys,
Welcome to another Crypto Whale Analysis episode!

Today, on episode 3, we will analyse the “Metaverse Whale”.
This whale holds a lot of ILV tokens and Sand Tokens which are the native tokens of the Illuvium Game and the Sandbox Metaverse Crypto Project.
This whale also utilizes liquidity incentives and yield farming.
He added liquidity for ILV and ETH and he farm more ILV tokens on the Illuvium staking v2 contract.
He also added liquidity for MATIC and SAND tokens and staked the LP tokens on the sandbox staking contract on Polygon.

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00:00 Intro
00:42 The Metaverse Whale
02:00 Assets Overview
03:00 Wallet Holdings
04:10 Illuvium Holdings And Staking
06:50 Sandbox Holdings And Staking
08:50 Outro And Summary

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Until next time,
Johnny Time



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