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Intumescent Pad Demonstration

What happens to an intumescent pad when exposed to fire. These are designed to expand when heated, blocking the passage of fire for a certain time. This one …



  1. Thank you for this video. I am a new be . You are teaching new topics that I may not have found . Cheers

  2. I worked on installing fire alarms at a large brewery with warehouse complex that caught fire during building before sprinklers were in. Only half warehouse was lost due to fire stopping with intumescent panels and door seals. Unfortunately that was the half where the fire protection systems were being stored๐Ÿ˜ช

  3. Something that most of us may neglect….sealing of fire breaches.
    I think most of us use fire rated downlights these days, required or not.
    Such a shame that the most common 'dryline' boxes do no afford any fire sealing properties.

  4. Hi John ….. Can you do a video on how to wire 2 or more PIR sensors for one light fitting.
    Thanks for all your great videos. Cheers.

  5. I'd like to wish you a very merry, happy and safe Xmas John, really enjoy and learn a lot from your videos, cheers. from Australia.

  6. I went out Saturday morning with Mum and my sister and had a much better time than just burning things up John.

  7. just a thought is the ash residue conductive ??? prob not an issue at that level of fire in conduits ect

  8. Donโ€™t look very good, wouldnโ€™t StuffIng something like ceramic fibre blanket be a better bet ?

  9. Whilst stopping the spread of fire, it won't, at least initially, stop the spread of smoke. Smoke is, of course, what generally kills people.

  10. How long will these pads remain good when installed (not accounting for fires, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ )?

  11. Are these things actually approved by anyone ? To me, they look like a thermal disaster. The temperature required to get the thing to expand would have completely destroyed PVC trunking well before this thing gets going and it'd do nothing to stop smoke getting through prior to actually being heated. I think you'd fair a lot better running garden hose through the trunking with a permanent water feed.

  12. Who remember when you and I was young we had a small green capsule in our firework package and when lit it grows up in a long black worm.

  13. Interesting. I was surprised to see how "loose" the expanded material was. In a fire, there are big pressure differences between where the fire is and where it isn't. This is why fire spreads. How does a loose fill material like this actually stop the flame going through the hole? Why does it not just get blown away?

  14. I think by the time the plug sockets are burning I would hope Iโ€™m already out the building, I get why these are used but they seem pretty useless at the same time.

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