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Invest in Real Gold Using Cryptocurrency (Plus Advantages/Disadvantages of Gold Investment)

… and released the world’s first government-sponsored gold crypto token, the PMGT (the Perth Mint Gold Token). PMGT allows blockchain users to conveniently …



  1. It is guaranteed but only when in Perth Mint certificate form. Once you transfer your certificate/s into crypto tokens, you’re on your own !

  2. Presumably you can also cut out the Goldpass account by buying the PMG Tokens using bitcoin through KuCoin then you can either exchange back to another crypto or cash out to currency. Having said that the 1% selling charge by goldpass looks quite good compared to the selling rate difference (between buy and sell rates) that the currency platforms charge when converting back to cash.

  3. This could potentially open up the doors on crypto to gold transactions, such as converting BTC into PMGT. Rather than going BTC to AUD/USD you could go straight to gold. Plus the global transfer fees of crypto would be a win compared to exchange conversions.

  4. I am not confident with our governments ability to protect any of my investments. I would rather the actual gold. Not any substitute, digital or otherwise.

  5. government-sponsored gold crypto token —-This IS not as `safe ' as Physical possesion Outside the `system ' good for trading but i'd never commit more than 10% of disposable assets to this –there is after all a `dormant' confiscation bill in the Australian constitution !!!

  6. so gold is being turned into a digital tokin…so what is a better investment?…or digital tokins?..there are many digital tokins out there….is gold the best one?..maybe..maybe not…but the fact is ..the entire world will be tokinised…..everything…watch……and good vid mate, cheers

  7. another advantage to Gold is that banks can't simply press a button & either freeze or confiscate (unlike the money in your account) – ie its outside the banking system. Gold is also immune to negative interest rates….which are coming

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