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Is Avalanche’s $AVAX Worth The HYPE? (Pros & Cons)

Avalanche $AVAX is flying HIGH in recent months and has been absolutely rocketing in terms of token price, TVL and other metrics. But is the project and its AVAX token really worth all the HYPE?! Well that’s what I’m going to evaluate in THIS video. I’ll cover 3 pros and 3 cons that I found after extensive research. And share my final verdict of what I think about this project. So if you’re already invested into Avalanche or thinking about it then this video is for you!

Partition attacks:
Gavin Wood critique:
Colin’s defense:
John Adler tradeoffs:
Alex Skidanov limitations:
Serguei Popov unimpressed:
Vlad and Emin debate:

0:00 Intro
0:35 Quick Overview
2:34 3 Pros (Architecture, Adoption, Tokenomics)
5:47 3 Cons (Design, UX, Misleading)
10:07 My Final Verdict!

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