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Is It Too Late to Start Mining Chia Coins?

Alright, let’s talk about the hard topic that is Chia mining at a small scale. Is using your HDD space to support the Chia Network guarantees a reward.



  1. I’m stuck at 4 years 🥲 My temporarily storage is a SATA ssd and can’t plot fast enough.

    The sooner we realize thus the better.

  2. Would it be worth it if I could go out and pick up a dozen 18TB HDD's and create 35+ plots a day? I'm ok with long term, just looking to have multiple sources of income.

  3. I just started 4 days ago and I have 1 tb, 5 plots. I got 2 xch!!! Never too late to start!! Just do it.

  4. what a ridiculous waste of resources. I wouldnt trade my porn collection for chia coins even if chia reached 500 million dollarinos per coin

  5. can you make a calculation for a 20 people if they buy equipament together like 200 k how quick they can go CHIA

  6. I think i found the problem, you need to plug in those blue wires from the hdd into your computer.

  7. Hi I was lucky enough to get 1 coin I only had 9 plots farming. And I only have a 1tb nvme as my temp and a 5 tb storage.

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  10. Is mining chia coin going to kill my HDD? I read some stuff on it killing SSDs in around 2 months, but what about HDDs?

  11. Can i get a chia with 4 hard drives 18tb?! 😂 I have some but i don’t understand anything of this mining/farming thing? Should i try? Or it’s a waste of time?

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  15. But what about runnning on SSDs like derbauer could it be a good idea for the individual then? Like he has done in his video ?

  16. My advice to those with 30 tb and the power to plot at least 2 tb a day to actually plot. 17th of may does not mean the pools are coming, only compatible smart pools. U can still solo mine with the smart pools until a trusted pool comes to existence and one can use it.

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