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Is PAPP MOBILE The Next 1000X Potential Low Cap Altcoin Gem?! – Massivley Hyped Crypto – Reaction

Alot of projects enter the crypto space with a ton of hype and fanboys. The problem is, not all of them can back up the hype. Papp Mobile has recently been …



  1. The fact is says 100X in 20 days on the homepage of the website pushes me away completely. I could be wrong and it could sky rocket, but i don't see any stable fundamentals here. I can't see PappMobile actually being used by the community in any apps. I think they just want you to buy the coin, so the price goes up and they make money. simple

  2. thanks for the video! take a look also at SHIZUKA INU, born a few days ago, it can explode soon, marketing campaign and sponsors in progress.

  3. Seems like a kid made that website for them 😂. Seriously? YouTubers and they speak a different language.

  4. I see the price of the token was $0,00000190 when you recorded this video.
    Now 04.06.2021. the price of one token is $0,000003309.

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