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Keanu Inu love all other cryptos but $Keanu is The One.

Keanu Contract – 0x106552c11272420aad5d7e94f8acab9095a6c952 If you like the videos send ETH donations to my Coinbase Account @Endpoint. EVERY …



  1. Holdin a Trill…. These Diamond Hands ain't partin ways with this One until we get to the moon baby

  2. I'm holding some keanu on uniswap, however it is only showing the amount of tokens i have and not the $ value?
    has anyone else had this happen?

  3. are you going to update us from today as the market is so low? what are you thinking will happen now? with everything going on…we are seeing alot off things being said about it…what are we going todo now>

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