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Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by the channel! Just for a background of well.. me. I’m a registered nurse that is just trying to find my way to financial …



  1. What are your thoughts on KEANU!? Did yall jump in!? What other coins should i take a look at!? Or what kind of videos should I make for yall!?

    ** disclaimer – be on the look out for scammers in the comments!

  2. how do you find out about these so early??? I'm always looking but I usually to find out too late

  3. I bought 300 Billion… lets hope they make John Wick 4 and use this coin as the in movie currency.

  4. This transaction will not succeed either due to price movement or fee on transfer. Try increasing your slippage tolerance. what should i do?? i am always getting this Message

  5. I tried to buy, but whenever I put the address in it doesn't show keanu and so I can't buy it… Need help

  6. ​@UCAu591hnCsBLY9dU7D2uojQ can you make a new video, i've heard that coinmarketcap is almost closed very good news on their twitter.

  7. Brian once I copy and paste Keanu address in Trust Wallet, the amount of Keanu that I hold do shows up but it do not have a dollar value. Is that normal for now since it’s not on coin marketcap. Thanks as always.

  8. Good morning I was able to purchase it on uniswap but it’s not showing up in my trust wallet. Is there a way to get it in the wallet or it will stay on uniswap. Thx Brian

  9. Brian I am on etherscan and I keyed in Keanu but no address cane up , please assist. Thank you

  10. Keanu has massive potential. It held so well and better than the rest during the crash this week. Next it’s going to the moon. Don’t miss it.

  11. KEANU is listed on bilaxy now. How do I buy it on it. Trying to avoid the gas fees I have been paying through uniswap

  12. Not allowing me to buy and I changed my slippage many times and to even auto % and doesn’t allow me to help

  13. Hey the only thing I hate is why the heck do we need another coin to buy a new coin that's so dumb to me especially when it's way more per coin for ethereum. So I'm confused about that if ethereum is worth like $4000 at the time when my Keanu is worth $40,000 isn't converting back to ethereum making me lose those grands when converting back to ethereum to cash out ? How will that be the same $40,000 would it be less ? Please explain

  14. the ONE true dog coin! This thing is on its ya to the moon! Join the telegram it's a phenomenal community – unlike any other.

  15. They don't have a website? And this isn't sending alarm bells to anyone? Its basically just a contract address. Ding ding!!

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